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Suzuki M109r Bagger

There may be some motorcycle accessories you need:motorcycle fairings
hey guys welcome back so this is the thing so seven m109 you seen that a couple some time back calvin dropped off from louisiana to me to do and so some of the things i think you know in the earlier videos we said you know what the plans were we’re going to do they pretty much stayed on course of course you know he’s got the twenty-one on the front end the triples are not raked so it’s just a standard triples that he has did put a new Fender on it of course the defender came from mean cycles it’s a sumo X 21 inch long shot fender the hardware that I used for it was a little bit different than what they sent because what they sent you’d actually have to do some modifications and so I used some of the original hardware and because I have a lot of bikes and bikes I’ve stripped down over the years I have parts bins with miscellaneous nuts and bolts and stuff like that so I was able to use some really nice hardware to make it work and not have to modify anything because this is a universal setup you know it’s a nice fender that was really nice I do recommend it so didn’t require any prep work I mean I did wet sanded for adhesion you know do a two K primer and then my base color and my clear of course the batwing up here is from wide open customs and I had this same batwing on my bike you guys seen it in other videos I love this better than any other fairing it fits well I just like the speakers in the back I’ll show you all that it’s the JVC s really nice setup the floorboards he already had the grips we put on I just had to modify the bar ends a little bit just to be able to make those grips work originally he had different risers and some small Apes but they were too narrow to fit with the risers so we had to go back with the original bars and now the 2006 gsxr 600 fairings
exhaust got changed out I figured what he had the name of it big ass boom cannon you guys have seen it it’s really nice really deep but he wanted something a little bit louder so again after he see my bike we decided to go with these freedom performance sharp curve if you guys haven’t heard them there’s tons of videos out there I’ve got some videos myself on how they compare to the Cobra sweats so you can check out those other videos if you want the bags are my bags let me put this with my old bags these are standard hard bag they’re four inch stretched bag which is a little bit deeper than what comes stock with Harley’s they have aftermarket injection molded Liz that hold two six by nine so he’s got four six by nine total and he’s got four five and a quarters up front um here’s the amp he went with a sound stream out it’s really nice uh that model I think is like a SD 1000 I think it is Stephen get some video there a little dark inside the bag so really really nice it does put out some good volume really really well these speaker lids did not come with pillars that you could do tethers okay so what I did is I custom made my own tethers this is just cable it’s a sheathed cable you bite it lows in the hardware section by the foot I think these are you know maybe I don’t know eight inches something like that and then cover them with heat shrink so they wouldn’t scratch anything even though they’re already sheath and then we just use standard ring terminals like using electrical connections crimp them make sure they were really really solid run one up under each bolt for the speaker and then one right behind the hinge bolts and so just cheap tethers I probably got $10 a material in both sides so really can’t beat that at all not at all all right so the taillights again the project kind of changed a little bit on the taillights what we’re going to use originally was a flush mount but they wouldn’t work so we ended up using these I picked these guys up off eBay for like 75 bucks really really nice I do have a I don’t know what you guys call it it you know use a little module you plug in and we get the brakes the brakes flash so people see you behind you a little bit more aware of you know your being in front of them picked it up off eBay for like five bucks maybe a lot cheaper than some of the other ones that’s out there for 20 30 40 bucks I myself have used one for years never had a problem with it so for five bucks you know it’s a deal the two little lights you see down to the bottom left and right there those are actually going to be his turn signals so you got turn signals at the bottom you got park in brake up r6 fairings
top well running lights and brake it top and the lights are used for the tag we actually used you can’t see them because it is daylight outside now but behind that frame on all four sides are little pieces of LED strip I used a white 335 LED strip on I had to cut it to section sorry I had to cut it to section so that I could put one section on all four sides started all my pieces together silicone enough to make it weatherproof and there stuck to the tag bracket excuse me so if you ever had to change tag he can do that without having to lose his lights again maybe 10 12 bucks in those LED strips picked them up off eBay so it lights up the whole tag beautifully very bright he’s not gonna have any problem with law enforcement anything like that and really really cheap better than some of the really expensive lighted tail brackets out on the on the market so he’s going to get a different seat made that’s actually my seat the seat has to be narrowed a little bit in order to fit between the bags so he’s going to get his own seat done originally I was going to get that done for him but we ran out of time and of course you can see the speaker set up there no different than any other wide-open customs faring that you’ve seen but again really really sounds good he’s in like it I mean I love mine absolutely love it so what do I just wanted to show this to you guys that’s how it turned out stay tuned for mine I’ve got a twenty six going on the front of mine and down and out bags they’re going like eight inch down 10 inch back a six inch down and 10 inch back excuse me so doing the paint on that now fabrication that’s going to be done by the end of this month because Bike Week is coming and I will be there so what do I got have any questions let me know

suzuki burgman 400 startmotor

2006 gsxr 600 fairings
wat is er nu heb ik hem op dat klant of de startmotor alle nieuwe start mogelijk lotte de andere klussen je gezien ze hebben alles los gebouwd hele achter komt zal als je als was moet u staat motor van nieuwe grote een beetje moeilijk ding met die zaten los gemaakt om naar voren gekanteld dempertje in losgemaakt zit hier vast te houden kom maar wat staat nodig deze die waarvan verschil te maken we willen klikken erop de gaten die zo lang af wat we net waren we ook de attractie oma liedteksten liever tegen die leggen we daar neer en welkom bij makkelijk met de motor wees eerlijk jullie startmotor ik video hoi de wereld is zo mooi weer een potlood voor mijn auto paul van school op te nemen hier boven we wegen discriminatie en daarmee met en muurisolatie shop welke met als wil met je onder de knie hoe belangrijk voor het account wordt het militair die pamela die letterlijk gaan halen wat ik ga naar 9 het advies over sticker op de kachel uit s niet weet hoe je die door of niet een goede maat agent we pi draaien om drie keer gebruik je de oude startmotor wat mij opvalt hij is wat erg vettig in de olie azië hij doet gewoon als jij ook ruim drie trom maar zie door afslag doet helemaal niks dat er niet uit die doekje huilen best wel veel werk om ze bloosde van een ook los maar de vlag blowen coppa ik voelde r6 fairings

me ik voelde me geen kleppen stellen is ook niet een foto we deze dus de nieuwe stad dat de nieuwe start er wat we gaan doen programma geef hem een likje verf yo waarom doen we dit een likje verf onderdrukken die verenigen hoeveelheid invoeren zodat die lampen kopen ja kan je geweest mijn buren kopgroep van keer bij praxis het plaksel ook op ploeg ja maar eigen geuren dat theorie knuffel nee geef eens een straf sober ja testen die werken ze mooi licht geven wit steeds anders er zijn andere vrouwen ander van starten moet geest viel dood moet 6 uur nee wordt eten hadden wij willen lekker eten halen dag nu ja kijken maar omdat je tarieven dan kost wie op gefixeerd magna dan de film een beetje dat ik lama mogen de film kop dan krijg ik hier droomvrouw voor de deur staat laten wij willen mag het leven middelen zullen ze meer alleen wat we gaan doen kijk hij was geen advies hebben school gemak toch laat goede contact nee ik heb ook anders gebracht toch nog maar 27 hun schoenen schoenen sinds vannacht ook het menens is geworden hij is schagen leggen nee ik heb acht jaar op ik was gelopen dankje gehele yamaha r1 fairings

keer verraden merk lopen the sweet do not use as she was dan was hij er geworden van die zijn niet goed je schoenen iemand die per ongeluk dit alles moet ook zo het is mijn ouders wordt hebben al gevonden maken dus drock dat is deze brian hem nog een keertje bij hem schrijven eroverheen shock je door hun die is veilig is het goed u belangrijke ja proberen wat komt ook wat wat we gezien hebben vanwege vonden moest kijken op de grond hebben wat dan kiest special vroeger had je vriendje hoe gaan we trekken en dan mannen dus de motor is klaar maar toen we bezig waren met de gevonden hebben is dus een probleem ja die moeten gaan dus we kunnen zo niet verder vindt het afbouwen moet gaan doen we gaan eigenaar wel even over hebben de spuit je ook wat is bouw startte je moeilijk en daarna gaan we starten vanwege jongen

Reckless Fairing Install and adjustment Ep.6

There may be some motorcycle accessories you need: motorcycle fairings
hey guys what’s going on alright so we are back again I’m going to show you guys how we’re gonna put the fairing on it’s really not anything hard or overly difficult basically we have our windchill brackets here you have four bolt holes while two bolt holes on one side two on the other as I’ve probably showed you in the last video with those brackets that’s the windshield brackets so we had the brackets on the fairing it’s going to slide on so we’re gonna do that now we’ll put it on I already took the cover off and out of the three views that I’m gonna use hopefully you’ll be able to see decently out of one of them all right so now let’s grab the Ferren saw lapper on there and i put that little towel on there mainly because i don’t want to scratch the fairing up on a little yamaha symbol that’s there I didn’t I didn’t wire up the wire harness or anything yet but I’ll get to that alright so I have the bracket on here and the other side is lined up there right so that’s what that is gonna look like I’m gonna put a screw in just to catch it but while I do that take a look at this video where I show you there’s a gap in between the bracket and the fair and bracket why I’m not really sure this bike didn’t come with a windshield so I’m not 100% sure so check out that I’m going to show you that now alright guys so here we have the fairman mounted take a look at it from that angle there’s a little bit of a gap okay now I probably could tighten that up but it’s going to pinch the Ferren and I guess from this angle you can see a little bit better it’s gonna pinch the Ferren and I definitely don’t want that now as for the other side you can see how that one is the bottom is actually a little bit closer that bottom of the bracket is bent a little bit so that’s the reason why it’s like that but I think I’m gonna try tightening it just to see what actually how how it is or how it actually reacts but I just wanted to show you that so this is pretty much what the Ferren would look like here as you can see all right still working on a little bit of a fitment I’m a little picky so that’s kind of why I when I installed  r6 fairings
it I try to make sure all of these would be pretty much straight across the board but later on I kind of realized that you can just rotate them I kind of really didn’t need to do that but alright so yeah so I’m gonna look into this here and just see what it is that I can do with that I’m a little I don’t know I’m thinking to just get get a spacer and put in here that’s kind of what’s holding me up right now so I’m thinking to get a spacer and put in there and take up that gap and then tighten it down that way there’s no extra pressure on those fairing mounts you’re not bending the inner portion of the fairing you know what I mean so all right so I’m just gonna catch a bolt in on this side and I will catch the lower bolt um also on this side all right okay so we have those in now what I’m going to do I got these washers from Lowe’s of all places and I will show you that now they basically will fit inside of those bolts 5/16 inch washers hopefully Oh nope you can’t see that all right so that’s them here 5/16 inch watch it washers I got these even though it’s metric bolts but that’s what I got too to fit in there okay and I figure what I will do I will use four on this side because from what I measured the gap the gap was like point one seven eight and I figured that four washers would kind of take it up I went to Lowe’s I walked around in lols but I couldn’t find anything that I could custom up to make that gap so I figured you know what I’ll have to let the pickiness go and just deal with using those four washers now there is there is some space way that the Ferrum brackets are you have some space there so you can you can adjust the fairing up or down or left or right and that’s something that I guess I would finalize after the fact I do have I do have the auxiliary lights off and that was because I was working on a left bracket my left bracket is a little bit bent and I’m not sure if it’s gonna fit up a little better or what at this point but what I’m gonna do I’m gonna try I’m gonna try figure I’ll try let me see how four washers fits in there and four is a little tight so that’s what she said but let’s try three all righty we’ve got three just put that in so we I just want to catch this top bolt here oh yeah you got two men all right I just wanna catch that in the top bolt all right now fortunately I figured I was gonna put a lock washer on that I was gonna put a lock washer on this side or I was gonna put a washer on this side period oh my god let me just see how far this guru sticks out how much it goes in okay it goes in decently so I just need to put a washer on this side you know what let’s catch the this little set us up a little bit and we’ll catch the bottom one and let’s see how that does so right now I got three washers in there and as I go along I can always change it I can if need be I can add a washer in there I mean I don’t know how happy I am with that but it’ll have to do for right now kind of don’t have a whole lot of choice so alright let’s just catch that in there well alright alright I gotta let it go alright try and do this and okay alright in a way too so kind of let me know if I need to get a longer longer screw which I hope I don’t this really is not sounding kid-friendly right now alright pull that out and good actually caught him alright put one in there the plan actually was to use a lock washer and a washer but I’ll have to I’ll have to make do with this three washer method now I just have to make sure that three washers fits on the other side and then I can go from there of course now you know this isn’t final but for right now if the washers work out then I can live with that I’ll just put some Loctite on the bolts just so that  yamaha r1 fairings
they you know just to be sure that they they stay in place but I did want a washer off here because this bolt doesn’t if you look at the boat the boat doesn’t have a shoulder or anything like that so yeah that was that is the plan so you’re able to make up for this gap here that you can see by being able to lift or raise lift the rays of fair in whichever way it works for you all right so I’m gonna put the other side in and it will come right back alright guys so we have the faring on I do have the spaces on inside I’ll show you that in a second the clutch side is still a little bit tweetment so there you go you can see it’s got a little bit of a tweak I’ve got I’ve got three washers there on the top and I’ve got one washer on the front down on the bottom so I think it’ll be alright if I if I lock it in like that and the other side as you can see here so here’s the other side I have a three and three alright and then take you around I’ll show you the front so here you have the front with the speakers in right now the way it’s sitting it should be pretty even a little sonic kickstands also a little bit raised up but it’s sitting pretty even okay and that looks good that gap or on a headlight looks good now I really won’t finalize the position until after I have the cover on so obviously that’s gonna have to wait so now we can go ahead and we’ll put the stereo in speakers slight overhead view okay if you were sitting on a bike kind of what you would be looking at there somewhat so to say not really but somewhat you  2006 zx6r fairings

Honda RC51 Seat Cowl Fairing, How to Build Your Own

if he owned a Honda RC 51 no matter what year you may or may not have one of these rear seat Cal’s that covers up the passenger seat and I actually just bought an RC 51 and mine only came with the rear passenger seat didn’t come with a seat Cal started looking online and looking at the forums and found it was really really hard to locate one of these and often when you would find them they were scratched up and they were overpriced well over $100 so I started doing some research looking online at some of the different parts catalogs and looking at parts breakdowns I’ve had a lot of luck getting parts like this from from a local dealer even for some of my old bikes my 1992 zx7 my wife’s 97 ZX 6 things like that so anyway went online started looking at the parts breakdown as you can see right there you have all the parts you need for your seat so you can go online you can even order lolis parts online this particular website is called mr. cycles comm I was actually able to pull up all the parts on here for about $120 but I couldn’t get their website to work right and Scott got tired of  r6 fairings  it so actually from my local dealer I was able to order all the parts for this seat cow for about $180 everything brand-new only took about a day to ship so just kind of the the parts you have to get there’s eight parts total first part being a seat Cal that’s the actual part number for the C Cal which again you can find all this online that’s that that piece runs about $60 just by itself then you actually have the the frame structure which actually mounts as the little hook thing on the bottom right there that goes in your your stock mounting point it’s a part number for that that one’s also about 50 or $60 to then those are two main pieces you have a couple other seals and things like that this is one big rubber seal part number and there’s a couple other not really sure what these pieces do yet I don’t know if
they’re double-sided adhesive or if there’s some sort of seal or what but there’s four different ones you have that one it’s a little one the nice two are identical there’s just a left hand in the right hand that one right there this other one and then there’s about these fasteners I couldn’t tell if he really needed five of them or if he had six of them I couldn’t really tell how many so I just ordered six of them it wasn’t exactly clear on a parts list but in all there’s eight separate parts you need to get and like I said one of those parts will be these fasteners and there’s six of them there so anyway I will show you some more pictures here in a second once I actually get this thing put together so just to reinforce what I’m talking about here this is a seat Cal that just ended the other day used and you can see right there 192 dollars ten dollars shipping now like I said I paid 185 for mine brand-new see right there without any sort of shipping or anything like that and what you might even be able to find cheaper at your dealer so that’s kind of thing I’m talking about why I wanted to show this video now what I found so far like I said I have all these these pieces here kind of determined that you probably don’t really need to buy those and you could probably save yourself about twenty or thirty dollars by not buying these parts as far as I can tell looking at some of the pictures and  yamaha r1 fairings   the parts list and thing like that it’s these pieces there they’re not really necessary actually looks like if you look here take days off the shape of it is actually designed not to go on the inside but the outside so I’m almost thinking that it sticks on the seat Cal I guess maybe protect it from getting scratched or something but you can see that actually goes around the perimeter of the Cal faring so I don’t think they’re really necessary to get these little white sticky kind of tape pieces but what is necessary though is this other bigger seal because that actually goes right here around the edge to seal this whole thing so anyway I’ll show another video once I have it all together on here but basically I’m just going to put the seal around the edge there actually are looked on here there are six locations that you need to install fasteners so it’s a good thing I ordered six who want to order six fasteners where this piece your main fairing piece and the foam so
if you delete those other tape pieces you can see right there you’re gonna get rid of four dollars three dollars and ten dollars so you’re gonna save yourself almost thirty dollars by getting rid of those those pieces so really you can buy a brand new one of these for about $150 or even less than that maybe 120 like I said in the other website where that using on eBay that I showed  motorcycle fairings   you went for $190 and again mines of 2001 but you can order all the different colors all different models for all the different years my dealer was was able to get all of them – 2001 that’s the oldest so if I can get mine you should be able to get yours anyway I hope this video was helpful so there we go there’s the finished product see I have the foam piece on there I have two orders the black frame piece fairing the seal six screws that’s it should be able to order that for a little over $100 you know what it looks like on the bike that I unlocked it capable walk is in the way well it’s like my cable locks in the way okay so there we go finally got it to fit in place and which brings up another issue you’ll find that a lot of people mention that they lose their seat cows and stuff on the highway and that’s partly due to the fact that that helmet cable lock gets in the way the actual locking mechanism it’s like the trouble I was having so you think it’s seated all the way down and it’s not I’m going to get on the highway and it pops off anyway

Used Bike Reviews – Honda VFR750 Interceptor ( 1993 RC36 )

hi welcome back to use bike reviews I’m your host Peter munchies a day here on the show we aim to look at bikes from the past three decades that have somewhat fallen out of the spotlight but we think they’re interesting enough to bring back into it now if you’re a Honda motorcycle fan you’re probably very aware of the rare and very exciting Honda rc30 this bike packed a ton of technology for the time gear driven cams v4 engine single-sided swingarm and sleek-looking bodywork made  r6 fairings  it a sight to be seen that bike was followed by the Honda RC 45 it had a lot of the same features but a little updated styling and power now because these bikes are extremely rare they also are extremely expensive if you don’t have that sort of cash but you want that sort of quality and interesting Honda motorcycle design there is an option out there on the used market and it can be had cheaper than you think just take a look over here the bike we have today is the Honda VFR 750 from 1993 and you’d be surprised how similar
it is to these exotic machines let’s just start with some of the elemental similarities twin spar aluminum frame check single sided swingarm with exotic looking gates but wheel it’s there growling engine note with a whining overtone from the gear-driven definitely now I didn’t mean to lead you astray comparing this bike to an RC 30 an RC 45 those bikes are very much endurance motorcycles the lightweight highly powerful and they’re just great around a track this bike though it’s great on a highway it’s a little bit heavier at 500 pounds or more and the engine puts out about 102 horsepower while it’s still adequate it’s not exactly a power wheelie machine the fairings on this thing probably weigh as much as a normal super sport bike today now as many Honda owners find the all-out performance of the motorcycle is such a small part of the ownership experience know what they’re more interested in is the Swiss watch grade reliability and the rolls-royce smooth style ride you may be surprised to find that this bike has nearly 50,000 miles on the clock good luck Ducati this bike starts like it’s brand new every time it accelerates like a modern motorcycle with miles that are similar to what you find in a four-wheel vehicle now to the Honda faithful 50,000 miles won’t sound all that absurd in fact it’s not uncommon to see these machines with double that amount this bike was meant to be ridden yet ridden with reserve the engine produces more than adequate power but the soft suspension is more suited to imperfect roads it’s a gentleman sporting machine this particular period was in many an enthusiast pinion the pinnacle of Honda build quality in design there is not one fastener connector or bracket that was engineered to wear out every input you make whether sliding the turn signal switch or clicking up and down through the gears on the 6-speed transmission provides you with reassuring smooth while design is highly opinionated topic yamaha r1 fairings   it would be a strong argument this bike has aged well if you’re used to riding bikes that are about 300 pounds or 400 pounds when you throw a leg over this beast you start to really feel the weight it’s about 500 some pounds and when you’re moving it around in the garage you’re going to be doing a lot of grunting it’s a workout in itself however it’s important to note again that this isn’t the full-on motorcycle like
the RC 30 no this is a sport touring motorcycle so on the highway this weight actually helps you when you’re up against a large vehicle like a semi or you experience a crosswind the extra weight will actually dampen these sort of actions which is really quite nice the fairings provide a great amount of protection from the elements when moving at speed the handlebars are mounted so that a sporting position is maintained yet comfort is still priority the standard seat is well padded although many owners will switch to an aftermarket unit for added comfort if you’re planning on writing to up for any long journey I would suggest investing in an uprated rear shock as the standard one is soft and under sprung even for a single rider on the maintenance front there really isn’t much to do aside from your typical fluid changes these engines hold the valve tolerances among the best in the world so high mileage bikes without intensive servicing are not uncommon if going to look at one of these try to get the rear wheel up off the ground to inspect the rear hub bearing by grabbing the wheel and feeling for any side-to-side play also check the charging voltage while the bike is at idle low voltage will likely require a rectifier replacement the bearings on these bikes are intricate and becoming more fragile time finding a bike without any damage or cracks will be difficult keep in mind that sourcing good condition replacement panels will be near impossible as you cannot buy them new anymore repairing panels is an option but will require great skill as there are many interlocking tabs as the saying goes by the nicest example  motorcycle fairings   you can afford expect to pay about $1,500 for a rough and running example all the way up to $4,500 for a museum-quality bike Honda VF RS are some of the best motorcycle bargains available it’s been said that whatever the asking price of a VFR is is truly worth four times as much there is no denying the build quality or reliability of these fine Honda motorcycles while many of its characteristic design elements are passed down from its high-strung race bred brothers the BFRs planned use was of much more practical origins it’s a machine that will always be a good companion no matter what you ask

Top 10 Greatest Naked Motorcycles of ALL TIME

what’s up youtubers I got a couple requests 2006 gsxr 600 fairings  I didn’t want to do an updated video on the faring uh between time work and just general stuff going on I’ve lost track I typed the faring quite a while now it’s been probably two months towards really three months I’ve had it I absolutely love it there’s not much I would change there was a couple things if you saw my last video but since all some stuff was earlier irritating but I do like the convenience of having it can connect right away to my phone my music and if I want to go for a long ride out of state anywhere I could connect that right away to my phone and ABS good to go but there’s not a lot of complaints I’ve had it and it’s it’s been a wonderful it’s been great just a little cruise over there so we’ll get into the video so like I said the biggest inconvenience ice I’ve noticed and I apologize I have a new camera I’m trying I’ve been using a GoPro for the videos didn’t have zoom wasn’t really happy with quality so stole my wife’s camera that I bought her for a neurology or the news family the biggest problem I have with this if you notice in my last video the tak was here I had to remove that because obviously and you can see now – this is hitting let me see if I can get a bit that this is hitting here which credit ball as being it’s not hitting by that much if you lift this up string up a little bit that will go down and I just look I didn’t really push up too hard but it will – you push up not like

I do it’s good bother me but it will go down and these are magnetic magnet cereals it’ll stick down that’s one thing that does bother me I don’t think spending $1000 something like that that that should happen it’s not affecting me enough to return it I have reached out to the manufacturer I have not heard anything about it yet but how the man I love it I’m thinking it’s like  2006 gsxr 600 fairings I figure some way in here either make some sort of space or for something to make it go up and I might be able to work out but I’m gonna see how how it works out if I can do that or not with and without because the lock is on that side on my house could affect it but let’s get into it turn the bike on if you’re if you’re wired it directly the guy did it’ll turn on once you turn the bike on which is I love it’s a little chilly the bright early morning time is wrong I’ve never changed it back but this is the main screen you have come to you’ve come to try get in on this this is bear with me with this place nice dinner but this here is the Bluetooth button when you comes up this will come up this screen they connect your phone that’s where you got the hit and then you’re gonna come over here this little bucks could be a little Bluetooth button hit that it’s going to come up with your device name your pack unlock guys do them in on this and then the password and auto on for answer and then the auto off for uh connections which I want the connections I could care less about the calls I just left it on have to go back on home it’s already connect it it’s my phone if you can scroll over one water as a Bluetooth button I don’t apologize about how blurry it’s like they have different lands but they hit that button just thinking back a little more for you it doesn’t much matter because the Bluetooth button here that will come up tell us exactly what you’re already on this is what this was what comes on my your first in her bike go on normally for me because I just think that out to show you guys and then in order to show the I can just press play here on my phone now you barely hear it now but it’s obviously not that loud at all now but I should get it’s not like ten or eleven right now it’s I think great quality sound for what you pay for very happy with it again you can skip everything with this as

you go which is a very nice feature you can plug it into it connects right to your phone with you if you want if you have stuff stays on to the store through Apple with Google it’ll do that but I’m super happy with it so far like I there’s a couple things like that’s that thing with the tach it doesn’t irritate me a little bit but it’s not enough to make me go spend another thousand dollars for another farik or something from another company I just I’m just cheap I just don’t it’s gonna do the same job it’s gonna cause me a little inconvenient that flippin thing which I’ve when I’ve taken it to working rains I’m able to flip it right back down and then it is waterproof starting gonna worried about anything I currently do have stock exhaust on this I don’t have to crank it my ride I choose to just cuz I just like doing that but I still recommend it uh other than that you know you’re gonna lose your tag guys I have mine sitting over here on the shelf that I haven’t I have used you know but other than a turn single and neutral which again you have gauges on your bike tells you if you’re neutral sighs I don’t care about any of that but yeah guys  yamaha r6 fairings  I mean any questions feel free to reach out about it and like I subscribe I have planned doing more projects eventually I’m looking into an exhaust system I’m having trouble right now trying to figure out cuz I this is a carburetor model a stock fuel injectors so it’s not as simple as just getting the program or I’m going and got to do some stuff with the carburetor which is not a big deal but I’m not fighting are websites what

I have to change it to which I’m doing some research now and talk about some people before I make that commitment but I’m getting ready to rise it if you guys even want to see the winterizing project they were cited hi what steps you should take you know let me know and I’ll gladly make a video for you guys you know it’s a little die do stuff a little differently for the carburetor than I would feel injected but guys like we see let me know and apologize for the delay of this video which has been a hectic last couple months thank you guys

The Truth About Cheap Motorcycle Levers Sportbike Track Gear

we’re gonna focus on And I’ll tell you the whole story, how I came across this. It actually failed, poorly engineered What is this thing, an MZS Motorcycle lever. Okay, this is a brake lever that Almost caused this customer of ours to fall. So long story. I’m gonna tell the full story But the first thing I want to say is this There’s a couple of things on this motorcycle That if they let you down, if they fail, if they’re a poor quality or poor design and there’s an issue with it You could have a really big problem. It’s so obvious. I mean the brake lever, okay Whether you’re on the track or on the street? When you go to throw those fingers over that lever that thing needs to be there. If it’s not You’re gonna have a really bad day. I happen to know of just two Circumstances, people I know, friends. That on track had lever failure, total level failure actually And both resulted in very serious accidents and big-time injuries that they are carrying along with them for the rest of their lives You can’t lose that. Another thing that’s super important. You’ve seen we’ve done some throttle installs lately to The throttle The brake lever, the throttles, they have to be perfect. Your controls have to be strong and have integrity So they withstand all the forces that can be applied to them You know you can’t have a clip on just snap off in your hand under heavy braking You’re gonna have a bad day almost as bad as if you lost the brake lever Rear sets too. You’re putting all the weight on those foot pegs. You need to know those things are gonna hold up and that takes Quality materials, quality engineering, right and Quality production and machining to get all that done Little disclaimer here everything that I’m gonna show you here, this is real-world stuff everyday. This is my opinion I’m not out to attack anybody. I’m sure the people at MZS, wherever they’re from. Looks like China or something I love Chinese people. I love everybody This isn’t an attack on anyone This is just simply sharing something with everybody out there that we learned and one of our customers learned damn near the hard way How this whole thing came about is we have a good customer that he had purchased a set of Spiegeler brake lines for his 2017 Yamaha R6. He watched my kick-ass install video. He installed him on his bike, he did a great job And then I saw cuz I answer all the YouTube comments myself I saw a comment on there.

It was a Friday afternoon. We’re actually about to go home Talking about: Help, I installed these lines something’s not right. My brakes are locking up The minute I saw that I was able to take his username. He hadn’t even reached out to us. Okay, he put the comment on YouTube I took his username I did a little research on the site, in our software and I was able to find him and I sent him an email and called him immediately because You cannot have your brakes locking up and I wanted to make sure there was a problem with the line kit or something Right, that we were there to support him I’ll say that Spiegler was all over this too. The owner’s of Spiegler And I worked with this customer to get his issue sorted out and essentially we were helping him diagnose it I’ll say this guy’s super patient super cool I really loved how he just worked with us through this process because it turned out it had nothing to do with the brake lines We asked a series of questions And to help figure out what was wrong. And one of the questions we asked was have you installed any aftermarket Levers on your bike, specifically a brake lever. Well, it turned out he had You can find on Amazon or Ebay Okay, these these MZS levers, you know, and they’ve got some really good looking product pictures right There’s some funny broken English typed in the product descriptions, too I mean that stuff’s a hoot. Just go take a look at it, but I’ll be open and honest with you $35 or $40 for a set for these things for two levers That’s a hell of a deal and I know we all love saving money. I love saving money. Okay, but let’s show What happened in this particular case. We’re going to focus on this brake lever now By design on that 2017 R6, like say for example my GSX-R1000. It uses the same style lever. Okay in here There is a cross pin bushing, okay. And I have a drill bit in that right now and this thing should float back and forth I’m going to show you that here’s an OE lever And you can see I mean, hopefully Steve’s getting in there really tight. But I mean that thing is just loosey goose in there It can’t bind up at all I’m going to show you a CRG lever These are made here in the US and there’s a lot of great stuff made in China for sure. These levers probably are not one of them okay Here is the cross pin bushing. It comes not installed yet in the lever CRG knows this is so important These dudes actually have a whole little set of instructions just to talk about this bushing because I’ll tell you right now You mess this bushing up while we’ve already talked about what’s going to happen So notice that tolerance, okay. It’s not sloppy but it’s not real tight. You also need to lubricate that when you put in here And you can see that floats back and forth with zero resistance. yamaha r6 fairings If that’s binding What’s gonna happen is, as you’re pulling that The Truth About Cheap Motorcycle Levers Sportbike Track Gearlever in and releasing it Okay with the master that thing actually needs to rotate just a tiny little bit.

If it can’t rotate It is going to bind the brake pistons. What was happening to our customer is he literally took it for a short test drive Applies the brakes. This thing’s not moving and the brakes just hang up on him Fortunately, he did not crash. You’re talking about a 2017 R6, that’s a badass bike What is it twelve thousand, thirteen thousand dollars. Could have flicked it on the ground could have gotten a big accident all that stuff Absolutely could have happened. So, you know, here’s issue one With these levers and in my opinion. That is an unbelievable flood like it push a little harder That’s what it took and it’s still bound up. That has to float Completely free, it didn’t, you can see they’ve got it retained here, you know with that snap ring in there The tolerance is too tight inside Bottom line is Not a great design I did a little research on the company. Like I said, I’m sure they’re fantastic. People are probably just wonderful. Very nice people Not trying to bag on them, I’m just trying to show you what we learned here because this price can be really tempting You know, it looks like Overseas production which is okay. A lot of great stuff is made there and they’re selling direct on Amazon and or eBay Okay, so you just buy the levers in a set? One thing I would question do they have product liability insurance, you know You manufacture and sell stuff here, right you put products like this on a bike And if you have an issue, right a faulty part and somebody crashes, falls down and hurts themselves You need to have those things in place , r1 fairings, I don’t know if a company selling levers for $35 a set has that in place and that’s a really important thing Okay now, let’s just continue forward. Let’s focus on the rest of the lever We showed you right, that cross pin and how that is just not great. But you know, even let’s talk tolerances And hopefully the camera gets this like there’s a lot of play in there, okay Let’s look at the clicker here the adjuster you can see that I mean that’s a pretty solid amount of play in there as well The actual Adjusting ramp See, right there where the red meets the black They’ve just got a machined surface there. So it’s metal-on-metal. Okay, that’s one way to do it for sure Now let’s just, we’ll show you the CRG the RC2 lever and this is a higher end lever so it should be a lot better, right? Very nice tight tolerance the clicker Well, that’s tight tolerance too just as it should be The adjuster I’m sure you can see the writing there moving that’s a bearing that that rotates out. So this is a very smooth action super high-quality This is a lever and this is $80-$90 lever. I mean it’s more than this whole set. It should be kick-ass right? Well CRG offers another line within their brand. These are the spectrum levers. We have them on the site They’re $64 a piece so you can get a set of these for about $130. That’s pretty darn affordable, okay Yeah, it’s more than that for sure. But at the end of the day you’re getting 10 times the lever So let’s take a look at this little Spectrum lever okay. you can see the quality machining Super awesome. motorcycle fairings They’re building off all the same measurements. They do their higher end levers Super smooth clicker You can see the tolerance. It’s the same as it was with that RC2 lever. Pretty sweet Show you the clicker. All right, that’s not wiggling all over the place and it’s using that same bearing in there For the adjusters a super smooth action, so there are more affordable options, right? If you don’t want to go with the high-end RC2 that replacement ends and all that stuff different bells and whistles, you know They have something a little more affordable here with a spectrum some color options Great product from a great company. Solid engineering, high quality materials are used. Years and years of experience Have gone in to that product Okay, so this is pretty short and pretty sweet but it’s really really important. Once again not trying to talk poorly about anybody I’m sure these people over here are just super nice people, right? They’re operating only on Amazon and eBay looks like they’re selling direct, you know, are they developing these products themselves? I can’t answer that do they have product liability insurance here. I have no idea how to answer that Would I ride with these on my bike? Well, I can answer that That’s a hell. No, right I love saving money man. But there’s no way I would put those on my motorcycle Brake lever, clip-ons, rear sets There’s just some things with the bike that you just cannot take a chance on you need to stick to a good quality Name-brand that’s invested in the sport in the industry and in developing high quality Products and they’re here to stand behind them and even as a retailer we’re here to work with you have issues through that too So there you go, man Aftermarket motorcycle lever 101 i’m Brian Van. Wearing a tight shirt over here at Sportbike Track Gear

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Even the all-powerful Pointing has no control about the blind texts it is an almost unorthographic life One day however a small line of blind text by the name of Lorem Ipsum decided to leave for the far World of Grammar. It is a paradisematic country, in which roasted parts of sentences fly into your mouth. Even the all-powerful Pointing has no control about the blind texts it is an almost unorthographic life One day however a small line of blind text by the name of Lorem Ipsum decided to leave for the far World of Grammar

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