October 22, 2021 theemsup

There may be some motorcycle accessories you need:motorcycle fairings
hey guys welcome back so this is the thing so seven m109 you seen that a couple some time back calvin dropped off from louisiana to me to do and so some of the things i think you know in the earlier videos we said you know what the plans were we’re going to do they pretty much stayed on course of course you know he’s got the twenty-one on the front end the triples are not raked so it’s just a standard triples that he has did put a new Fender on it of course the defender came from mean cycles it’s a sumo X 21 inch long shot fender the hardware that I used for it was a little bit different than what they sent because what they sent you’d actually have to do some modifications and so I used some of the original hardware and because I have a lot of bikes and bikes I’ve stripped down over the years I have parts bins with miscellaneous nuts and bolts and stuff like that so I was able to use some really nice hardware to make it work and not have to modify anything because this is a universal setup you know it’s a nice fender that was really nice I do recommend it so didn’t require any prep work I mean I did wet sanded for adhesion you know do a two K primer and then my base color and my clear of course the batwing up here is from wide open customs and I had this same batwing on my bike you guys seen it in other videos I love this better than any other fairing it fits well I just like the speakers in the back I’ll show you all that it’s the JVC s really nice setup the floorboards he already had the grips we put on I just had to modify the bar ends a little bit just to be able to make those grips work originally he had different risers and some small Apes but they were too narrow to fit with the risers so we had to go back with the original bars and now the 2006 gsxr 600 fairings
exhaust got changed out I figured what he had the name of it big ass boom cannon you guys have seen it it’s really nice really deep but he wanted something a little bit louder so again after he see my bike we decided to go with these freedom performance sharp curve if you guys haven’t heard them there’s tons of videos out there I’ve got some videos myself on how they compare to the Cobra sweats so you can check out those other videos if you want the bags are my bags let me put this with my old bags these are standard hard bag they’re four inch stretched bag which is a little bit deeper than what comes stock with Harley’s they have aftermarket injection molded Liz that hold two six by nine so he’s got four six by nine total and he’s got four five and a quarters up front um here’s the amp he went with a sound stream out it’s really nice uh that model I think is like a SD 1000 I think it is Stephen get some video there a little dark inside the bag so really really nice it does put out some good volume really really well these speaker lids did not come with pillars that you could do tethers okay so what I did is I custom made my own tethers this is just cable it’s a sheathed cable you bite it lows in the hardware section by the foot I think these are you know maybe I don’t know eight inches something like that and then cover them with heat shrink so they wouldn’t scratch anything even though they’re already sheath and then we just use standard ring terminals like using electrical connections crimp them make sure they were really really solid run one up under each bolt for the speaker and then one right behind the hinge bolts and so just cheap tethers I probably got $10 a material in both sides so really can’t beat that at all not at all all right so the taillights again the project kind of changed a little bit on the taillights what we’re going to use originally was a flush mount but they wouldn’t work so we ended up using these I picked these guys up off eBay for like 75 bucks really really nice I do have a I don’t know what you guys call it it you know use a little module you plug in and we get the brakes the brakes flash so people see you behind you a little bit more aware of you know your being in front of them picked it up off eBay for like five bucks maybe a lot cheaper than some of the other ones that’s out there for 20 30 40 bucks I myself have used one for years never had a problem with it so for five bucks you know it’s a deal the two little lights you see down to the bottom left and right there those are actually going to be his turn signals so you got turn signals at the bottom you got park in brake up r6 fairings
top well running lights and brake it top and the lights are used for the tag we actually used you can’t see them because it is daylight outside now but behind that frame on all four sides are little pieces of LED strip I used a white 335 LED strip on I had to cut it to section sorry I had to cut it to section so that I could put one section on all four sides started all my pieces together silicone enough to make it weatherproof and there stuck to the tag bracket excuse me so if you ever had to change tag he can do that without having to lose his lights again maybe 10 12 bucks in those LED strips picked them up off eBay so it lights up the whole tag beautifully very bright he’s not gonna have any problem with law enforcement anything like that and really really cheap better than some of the really expensive lighted tail brackets out on the on the market so he’s going to get a different seat made that’s actually my seat the seat has to be narrowed a little bit in order to fit between the bags so he’s going to get his own seat done originally I was going to get that done for him but we ran out of time and of course you can see the speaker set up there no different than any other wide-open customs faring that you’ve seen but again really really sounds good he’s in like it I mean I love mine absolutely love it so what do I just wanted to show this to you guys that’s how it turned out stay tuned for mine I’ve got a twenty six going on the front of mine and down and out bags they’re going like eight inch down 10 inch back a six inch down and 10 inch back excuse me so doing the paint on that now fabrication that’s going to be done by the end of this month because Bike Week is coming and I will be there so what do I got have any questions let me know

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