Pastor Kenneth Karl Law is a bold revolutionary Spiritual Leader and Visionary of  The Embassy Church located in Savannah, GA. Pastor Law is a man with a true servant’s heart and a man of great belief in covenant relationships. He served faithfully in ministry under the direction of his Spiritual Father, Bishop Eddie L. Long of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia, GA.   After years of service as a member and as a Minister under Bishop Long, Pastor Law accepted his call to Pastor in August of 2007. He and his lovely wife (LaWanda) transitioned to Savannah to begin their journey as a satellite church under the New Birth umbrella.

As an Apostolic Leader that has been sent, he carries a strong mantle to impart into the lives of other pastors in order for them to better lead their congregations. The Embassy has a mandate to produce a higher quality of living through Christ Jesus. With that being said, Pastor Law understands that one must rethink ministry of today and become an amenity and an asset to the community in order to share the love of Christ Jesus to enrich the lives of those that attend church and those that simply may never grace the threshold of a church.

Pastor Law teaches in a practical way that makes his messages very relatable and empowering to those under the sound of his voice. He has been blessed with a gift to tap directly into the heart of God so that you want to accept the invitation to come to Christ and you want to change your life to live by the principles set forth in God’s word.

Pastor Law’s Kingdom Agenda is to Love and Serve the People, Win Souls, Make Disciples and Advance The Kingdom of God.  He is often called a “Specialist” because he has an anointing to transform the hardest of hearts in order to win them back to God.  He has a passion for teaching Leadership and has a special anointing to empower other Pastors to continue strong in the journey.  Through the ministry that lies within him, many souls have been saved and lives transformed with a greater pull to draw closer to God.

Pastor Law has an international anointing and has traveled globally to minister to the people of God.  He is the Senior Pastor of a growing congregation located in Pooler, GA., Inspiring Speaker, Advisor/Confidant to Pastors, Founder of LAW School for Leadership Development and a Spiritual Father to many; young and old.

Pastor Law and his wife, Elder LaWanda R. Law, have been happily married since 1998. They proudly treasure the many children that God has allowed them to be surrogate parents to as their own.  They are clearly establishing a living legacy of hope by extending the love of Jesus Christ to all those that they meet. With the leading of The Holy Spirit, they both walk in a posture of humility and with an understanding of “to whom much is given, much is required.”

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