Our Vision

Follow The King – Advance The Kingdom!

Our Mission

To produce a higher quality of living through Christ Jesus by building a community of Believers that expand the Kingdom of God in love, power and service locally and globally through the youth, the family, and the marketplace.

Our Agenda

We are to Love and Serve the People, Win Souls, Make Disciples, Change the Culture and Advance The Kingdom through Service, Leadership, Evangelism, Discipleship and Prayer.

“From the Parking Lot to the Pulpit” – What does this statement mean at The Embassy Church?

From the parking lot to the pulpit is the experience and spirit a person should encounter when they come to The Embassy Church.  It is the same spirit that we as leaders and members should exhibit at all times.

The Embassy Church is committed to a progressive spirit of ministry excellence driven by a genuine passion for serving and advancing The Kingdom of God with love.  Providing an increasing level of excellence between ministry encounters, is a source of pride, honor and commitment for all leaders and members of The Embassy Church.  By doing so, we create an aroma of Godliness that draws those who are lost into the Body of Christ.

The Embassy Church