August 17, 2021 theemsup

if he owned a Honda RC 51 no matter what year you may or may not have one of these rear seat Cal’s that covers up the passenger seat and I actually just bought an RC 51 and mine only came with the rear passenger seat didn’t come with a seat Cal started looking online and looking at the forums and found it was really really hard to locate one of these and often when you would find them they were scratched up and they were overpriced well over $100 so I started doing some research looking online at some of the different parts catalogs and looking at parts breakdowns I’ve had a lot of luck getting parts like this from from a local dealer even for some of my old bikes my 1992 zx7 my wife’s 97 ZX 6 things like that so anyway went online started looking at the parts breakdown as you can see right there you have all the parts you need for your seat so you can go online you can even order lolis parts online this particular website is called mr. cycles comm I was actually able to pull up all the parts on here for about $120 but I couldn’t get their website to work right and Scott got tired of  r6 fairings  it so actually from my local dealer I was able to order all the parts for this seat cow for about $180 everything brand-new only took about a day to ship so just kind of the the parts you have to get there’s eight parts total first part being a seat Cal that’s the actual part number for the C Cal which again you can find all this online that’s that that piece runs about $60 just by itself then you actually have the the frame structure which actually mounts as the little hook thing on the bottom right there that goes in your your stock mounting point it’s a part number for that that one’s also about 50 or $60 to then those are two main pieces you have a couple other seals and things like that this is one big rubber seal part number and there’s a couple other not really sure what these pieces do yet I don’t know if
they’re double-sided adhesive or if there’s some sort of seal or what but there’s four different ones you have that one it’s a little one the nice two are identical there’s just a left hand in the right hand that one right there this other one and then there’s about these fasteners I couldn’t tell if he really needed five of them or if he had six of them I couldn’t really tell how many so I just ordered six of them it wasn’t exactly clear on a parts list but in all there’s eight separate parts you need to get and like I said one of those parts will be these fasteners and there’s six of them there so anyway I will show you some more pictures here in a second once I actually get this thing put together so just to reinforce what I’m talking about here this is a seat Cal that just ended the other day used and you can see right there 192 dollars ten dollars shipping now like I said I paid 185 for mine brand-new see right there without any sort of shipping or anything like that and what you might even be able to find cheaper at your dealer so that’s kind of thing I’m talking about why I wanted to show this video now what I found so far like I said I have all these these pieces here kind of determined that you probably don’t really need to buy those and you could probably save yourself about twenty or thirty dollars by not buying these parts as far as I can tell looking at some of the pictures and  yamaha r1 fairings   the parts list and thing like that it’s these pieces there they’re not really necessary actually looks like if you look here take days off the shape of it is actually designed not to go on the inside but the outside so I’m almost thinking that it sticks on the seat Cal I guess maybe protect it from getting scratched or something but you can see that actually goes around the perimeter of the Cal faring so I don’t think they’re really necessary to get these little white sticky kind of tape pieces but what is necessary though is this other bigger seal because that actually goes right here around the edge to seal this whole thing so anyway I’ll show another video once I have it all together on here but basically I’m just going to put the seal around the edge there actually are looked on here there are six locations that you need to install fasteners so it’s a good thing I ordered six who want to order six fasteners where this piece your main fairing piece and the foam so
if you delete those other tape pieces you can see right there you’re gonna get rid of four dollars three dollars and ten dollars so you’re gonna save yourself almost thirty dollars by getting rid of those those pieces so really you can buy a brand new one of these for about $150 or even less than that maybe 120 like I said in the other website where that using on eBay that I showed  motorcycle fairings   you went for $190 and again mines of 2001 but you can order all the different colors all different models for all the different years my dealer was was able to get all of them – 2001 that’s the oldest so if I can get mine you should be able to get yours anyway I hope this video was helpful so there we go there’s the finished product see I have the foam piece on there I have two orders the black frame piece fairing the seal six screws that’s it should be able to order that for a little over $100 you know what it looks like on the bike that I unlocked it capable walk is in the way well it’s like my cable locks in the way okay so there we go finally got it to fit in place and which brings up another issue you’ll find that a lot of people mention that they lose their seat cows and stuff on the highway and that’s partly due to the fact that that helmet cable lock gets in the way the actual locking mechanism it’s like the trouble I was having so you think it’s seated all the way down and it’s not I’m going to get on the highway and it pops off anyway

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