The Embassy Church is looking for VOLUNTEERS to serve God’s People!  The ministry has many needs and hopefully you will connect to where The Lord is leading you to serve.  As a church, we are wholeheartedly striving to meet all the needs of the church but can’t do that without your help.  God has need of your gifts, talents, creative abilities and professional skills; which benefits the local church at The Embassy.  The below is a listing that describes each area of ministry.  Please consider serving, it’s a great way to connect with others and journey together in your Christian walk.

All Volunteer opportunities require a Background Check before serving in any capacity. In addition, all areas will have the proper training and orientations conducted prior to serving.  If interested, Goto the GET CONNECTED tab on the website, Click on RESOURCES and then click on BACKGROUND CHECKS in order to get details on how to complete this process.

If interested in any of the below areas, please email us at:


Uses the latest in audio and visual technology to make sure The Word is carried forth without interruption to reach God’s people.  Must be committed and be able to work with other team members in preparing CDs, MP3s, Video Recording, Duplication etc.  When enough people are identified in this area, a rotation is established to better service all of the services.  This area comes with the understanding that anytime a function is going on (Sunday service, Mid-Week, Weddings, Leadership Trainings, Conferences, Women’s Ministry and Men’s Ministry etc) representative(s) from this area is necessary and should be in place.

Dedicated to providing children/teens knowledge and understanding of the vision at their level.  Through puppet shows, creative arts and other activities; the children/teen participates in prayer, praise, worship, story-time, role-playing and verse memorization.  Children’s Church is scheduled for 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Sundays.  The 1st Sunday is allocated for the entire family to worship together in the sanctuary.

Created to provide items of convenience for the members (i.e. books, food items, journals and Embassy wear for the ministry.  Providing su helps with such services makes it convenient, keep the members engaged in reading/growing gives for sale items to promote The Embassy Church to make the ministry more cohesive, unified and to bring in sales.

If you are creative and can build props for children’s church or other areas when needed, please let us know. We are striving to pattern the teaching series of the ministry be echoed throughout with props to illustrate the message(s).

Valuable component of the ministry because it serves equip, educate, inspire and move people into a greater understanding of The Word of God as outlined in The Bible.  Designed to teach principles that will teach people how to live and activate the practical teachings into their everyday living.

Serving in this area is such a joy because you are spreading the “Good News” to the people.  In this role you are actively involved in getting The Word out using measures such as Outreach, canvassing neighborhood communities and attending community functions to spread the good news of Jesus Christ.  Training will be provided and does require great commitment and dedication.

Coordinates, plans and prepares for all events and has involvement in the following areas: table décor, room design, setting of an atmosphere, conducive to the event, vestibule displays, signage placement, set-up and break-down.  Requires serving in teams in order to bring the overall scope of the event to great success and to execute it in a seamless fashion.

A major component of the ministry to undergird the family structure and unit. To equip and provide practical tools to make families stronger and word heavy to produce greater households, marriages and family dynamics.  Family events planned regularly and other streams to support growth (men’s ministry, women’s ministry, student ministry, gemstones, goldminds, game nights, family trips/outings etc).

Area of ministry committed to good stewardship.  The Finance Department is responsible for handling the finances with integrity to ensure God’s purpose is served and served well.

Area of ministry that provides excellence in the preparation of food/drink prep and the total dining experience that brings forth great excellence either before service, after service and/or for special events.

Provides support as it relates to all computer and printing equipment.

Prayer is the foundation of the ministry.  The core is to insure that The Embassy Church is bathed in prayer at all times.  As an Intercessor and/or Altar Ministry Worker, you must have a consistent life style of prayer and your life must demonstrate such in your every living / decisions.  You must already be a regular attendee of Sunday service, mid-week, corporate prayer and trainings that are offered.  This role requires you to have a strong prayer life, be filled with The Holy Spirit, have keen discernment and be submitted to the vision of the house as led by the Lead Pastor. This role must carry a burden for God’s people and be passionate about praying without ceasing echoing the vision of the house.

A major artery of the ministry to promote leadership that spills heavily into the marketplace, prepares people to do business and allows for empowerment to better themselves in their careers.  Offering a number of trainings to include Entrepreneurship, resume building, job fairs, small business trainings, leadership acumen, tact, etc.

Produces, edits, arranges and duplicates audio recordings of worship services, training sessions, speaking engagements and special events.  Responsible for sound audio, camera operations and video control of services.

Called “Sons Of Thunder” for Ages 18 and up and for Young Boys a program called Goldminds for Ages 7-17. Committed to equipping Men to being Christ-like in order to lead well in their home, church and community through fellowship, stewardship and discipleship. This area will also need teachers that are mature in the word, model strong Biblical principles in their everyday living and can show compassion to the hearts of men attending the ministry. All activities and teachings must echo the vision of the house.

If you are gifted and anointed in this area, please let us know.  We are looking for Keyboard Players, Base and Acoustical Guitar Players, Drummers and other musical instruments.   This area of ministry brings for an atmosphere to allow the Pastor’s message to come through with ease.  This is an area of need on a continuous basis for Sunday Service, Mid-Week Service and Special Events.

Serves to assist the executive office to meet the needs of the congregation on behalf of the Lead Pastor.  Individuals must be compassionate and able to discern and prioritize needs as they arise.  This area offer comfort, encouragement, support and prayer through The Word of God.  This area connects members to personal, family and financial counseling as well as Bereavement Services to members.

This ministry provides safety and organization of automobile traffic, transitioning onto and from church property.  Another level of service excellence as people are entering and leaving the church.

Demonstrates The Word of God through Liturgical Dance, Flags, Drama, Mime and Music to bring a physician manifestation of God’s Word in action.

This area makes sure all special moments are captured and submitted for approval before publishing.  All pictures of the Lead Pastor, First Lady and Congregation must have approval so that all branding is done in the best light to demonstrate The Embassy Church and God’s people.  Extensive background in this area is necessary with a portfolio established to determine the level of expertise.

Emphasis on educating, equipping and guiding engaged and married individuals towards upward success in God, Family and Love.

Gifting to do graphics, banners and flyers.  Such skills sets will assist with our Constant Contact, Events and power-point presentations.  A Sampling of your work will be required to assess the level of skills as it pertains to graphics, power-points ect.  This scope of serving requires a level of expertise for branding and marketing purposes to insure continuity in content and to capture the overall scope of the vision.

Serving in the area of Salvation is very critical to everything that the ministry does. This area of ministry is key as people are coming to Christ and walking them to an understanding of what being “saved” means and processing them through the process to connect with the ministry.

The Embassy Church has always received high marks in the overall look, smell, cleanliness, and décor from those visiting our facility.  It takes a lot to keep and maintain those high ratings.  Involves vacuuming, dusting, cleaning the bathrooms, emptying the trash, checking for safety hazards, ensuring all light bulbs are working and restocking areas to ensure paper products are always in place.

USHERS AND GREETERS (Adults and Children)
This area of ministry is very crucial because Ushers and Greeters are the first point of contact that visitors and members see when arriving to the church. This area is responsible for helping to provide a welcoming and orderly environment during the worship service.  Assisting with seating, receiving offerings, responding to congregational needs and/or emergencies

This is an area being developed within the church to help with local resources to support healthy living (i.e. cooking classes, exercise, classes onsite, health/fitness information, health fairs, etc)

Committed to equipping Women to grow in The Word and exemplify Godly principles in all aspects of their life.  Involves Jewels Women’s Ministry for Ages 18 and up, Gemstones for the Girls Ages 7-17 and Salt for the Seasoned Saints – Ages 65 and Up. All activities and teachings must echo the vision of the house.

Through song and instruments, this ministry prepares the hearts and minds to receive the message.  This area requires a lifestyle of worship in order to hear and  usher the people in the presence of God.

Called F.L.A.M.E.  Designed to bring together the emerging leaders of tomorrow in a learning environment to foster and echoes sound biblical teachings that will lend itself to involve them in the workings of the church.  Ages 18-35.

Ages 12 to 17 and meets on Second and Third Sundays for their sessions.  Focused on creating a learning environment to share the Love of Jesus Christ as they develop and strengthen their walk.


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