NEW BIRTH EMBASSY CHURCH is looking for VOLUNTEERS!  The ministry has many needs and hopefully you will connect to where The Lord is leading you to serve.  As a church, we are wholeheartedly striving to meet all the needs of the church but can’t do that without your help.  God has need of your gifts, talents, creative abilities and professional skills; which benefits the local church at New Birth Embassy.  Please consider serving, it’s a great way to connect with others and journey together in your Christian walk.


All Volunteer opportunities require a Background Check before serving in any capacity. In addition, all areas will have the proper training and orientations conducted prior to serving.  If interested, please see the Receptionist Desk OR send an email to:



Become a part of the Events Team at New Birth Embassy.  In this role, you will be a part of the planning for various events at the church along with having an active hand in the preparation of the events.  A number of things take place behind the scenes when it comes to serving on this team.  They are:  the advertising, marketing, ticket sales, display set-up, room set-up / break-down, graphics, decorations, invitations, working with guest speakers and menu planning, The amount of time committed depends on the event type.  Looking for a strong team for all facets of this area.



New Birth Embassy is in need those with the gifting to do graphics.  Such skills sets will assist with our Constant Contact, Events and power-point presentations.  If you are skilled in this area and looking for an opportunity to serve.  A Sampling of your work will be required to assess the level of skills as it pertains to graphics, power-points ect.



If you love working with the precious little ones, this area of ministry would love to have you.  It involves being a part of formulating the teaching curriculums that are used to teach, inspire and allow the little ones to learn about the bible in very creative ways.  In this role you will be expected to arrive early in order to prep the children’s church area, teach the assigned lesson, be organized, submitted to the vision, echo the vision of the house in all teachings and provide a fun loving environment conducive to learning. Children’s Church is scheduled for 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Sundays.  The 1st Sunday is allocated for the entire family to worship together in the sanctuary.  Looking for very dedicated people in this area.



New Birth Embassy Church has always received high marks in the overall look, smell, cleanliness, and décor from those visiting our facility.  It takes a lot to keep and maintain those high ratings.  If you are gifted to serve in this area, please let us know.  In this area of serving it requires, vacuuming, dusting, cleaning the bathrooms, emptying the trash, checking for safety hazards, ensuring all light bulbs are working and restocking areas to ensure paper products are always in place.  This area of ministry requires being on hand to make sure the building is ministry ready before Sunday Service, before/after Life Empowerment and after Thursday evening classes.  If a good number of people sign-up for this ministry, the duties can be spread over a number of people.  This is a very critical area because it requires keeping the temple clean and ready at all times.  IMMEDIATE NEEDS: Thursdays from 11:00AM – 4:00PM, Wednesdays immediately after Life Empowerment (emptying trash from all bathrooms and tidying up Sanctuary) AND Fridays from 10:00AM-2:00 PM. It would be ideal to have about 6-8 people serving in this area.



If you are gifted and anointed in this area, please let us know.  We are looking for Keyboard Players, Base and Acoustical Guitar Players, Drummers and other musical instruments.  This is an area of need on a continuous basis.



This area brings forth the sound throughout the sanctuary for service and recordings.  Training will be provided if you have a desire and a willingness to learn.  Being in place before service and during are required for taping purposes.  Must be committed and be able to work with other team members in preparing CDs, MP3s, Video Recording, Duplication etc.  When enough people are identified in this area, a rotation can be established to better service all of the services.  This area comes with the understanding that anytime a function is going on (Sunday service, Life Empowerment, Weddings, Leadership Trainings, Conferences, Heart To Heart and Men’s Ministry etc) a representative from this area is necessary and should be in place.



This area is also an important part of the ministry and its functions.  If you have administrative skills and are available to volunteer during the office hours, please let us know.  Light clerical and receptionist type work are greatly desired.  This allows for the office staff to be able to work more effectively because this role is in place. By utilizing your skills in this area, it helps the business side of the church function smoothly.  In this role, you will be asked to sign a Confidentiality Form and a Standards of Conduct Form to maintain the integrity of the church business.  Again, a Background Check is required to volunteer in this capacity. Needed Tuesday – Thursday from 10:00AM – 2:00PM.


USHERS AND GREETERS (Adults and Children)

This area of ministry is very crucial because Ushers and Greeters are the first point of contact that visitors and members see when arriving to the church. In addition, you may be needed at the Receptionist desk.  Therefore it is important to know pertinent information about the vision, what we believe etc. If you have great customer service skills, can smile, serve with patience and be committed; this is the area for you.  It does require a lot of standing and a dress code is established to ensure a good representation at all times.  In this role, you can be called upon for service, weddings, trainings, conferences etc.  If a large number of people sign up, it allows for a good and solid rotation of people.  This role requires you to be friendly, observant at all times and very discerning.  A warm, friendly and inviting personality is a must in this role. All functions require Ushers and Greeters to be available (Sunday service, Life Empowerment, Special Services). We are needing an additional 12 plus people in this area.



Serving in the area of Salvation is very critical to everything that the ministry does.  In this role, you are required to share your own Salvation experience and lead others to Christ.  This role involve persons being very biblically sound in The Word and have a listening ear to hear.  This area of ministry is very key as people are coming to Christ and have questions.  One must be able to explain Roman’s Road and articulate what it means to be Saved.  Training is available and coaching to insure that one is sound in doctrine, can discern what the person needs and be confident in addressing any matters.   In this role, you are expected to be in place for Sunday service, life empowerment and any other special services.



Serving in this area is such a joy because you are spreading the “Good News” to the people.  In this role you are actively involved in getting The Word out using measures such as Outreach, Volunteering, canvassing neighborhood communities and attending community functions to spread the good news of Jesus Christ.  Training will be provided and does require great commitment and dedication.



This area of ministry is looking for a planning team consisting of about 5 people.  In this role you are expected to serve on the planning committee for upcoming events, sessions and volunteer projects.  This area requires arrival early for designated men’s ministry events/sessions, set-up of the events and follow-up with the men to create and foster a strong sense of relationship amongst the men. This area will also need teachers that are mature in the word, model strong Biblical principles in their everyday living and can show honor towards the men in order for them to grow spiritually.  All activities and teachings must echo the vision of the house.



This area of ministry is looking for a planning team consisting of about 5 people.  In this role you are expected to serve on the planning committee for upcoming events, sessions and volunteer projects.  This area requires arrival early for designated ministry events, set-up of the events and follow-up with the ladies to create and foster a strong sense of relationship amongst the ladies. This area will also need teachers that are mature in the word, model strong Biblical principles in their everyday living and can show compassion to the hearts of women attending the ministry.All activities and teachings must echo the vision of the house.



This area is important in that Teachers are needed to be able to teach classes, to include new member orientations and be able to articulate The Word.  In this role, you must be able to capture the audience, have good eye contact, be passionate about teaching, be professional, articulate well, be organized, available and very timely.  Must be able to follow the directions and echo the vision of the house in all deeds. One will be asked to do a trial topic to assess the overall skill-set before being placed in this area of ministry.



If you are anointed in the area of ministering in song, this is a great ministry to connect and serve.  This area requires a lifestyle of worship in order to hear and  usher the people in the presence of God. This ministry meets for rehearsal every week on Thursdays at 7:45PM.  You must attend rehearsals if you desiring to be a part of this area of ministry. Must also be able to attend outside engagements when needed.  You will have an audition to hear your voice, tone, projection, ability to harmonize and overall pitch.  Please express your interest at the Receptionist Desk and the ministry lead will contact you before attending rehearsals.



If you are creative and can build props for children’s church or other areas when needed, please let us know. We are striving to build-up our children’s church area and serving in this area would be a great opportunity to share your skills.



Prayer is the foundation of the ministry.  If you are interested in this area of ministry, please let us know.  You must have a consistent life style of prayer and your life must demonstrate such in your every living / decisions.  You must already be a regular attendee of Sunday service, life empowerment, corporate prayer and trainings that are offered.  This role requires you to have a strong prayer life, be filled with The Holy Spirit, have keen discernment and be submitted to the vision of the house as led by the Senior Pastor. This role must carry a burden for God’s people and be passionate about praying without ceasing.


Thank you and we look forward to you serving faithfully in the ministry!  After all, it is our reasonable service unto God!



“Our Vision at New Birth Embassy is to produce a higher quality of living through Christ Jesus”~

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