June 12, 2020 theemsup

what’s up youtubers I got a couple requests 2006 gsxr 600 fairings  I didn’t want to do an updated video on the faring uh between time work and just general stuff going on I’ve lost track I typed the faring quite a while now it’s been probably two months towards really three months I’ve had it I absolutely love it there’s not much I would change there was a couple things if you saw my last video but since all some stuff was earlier irritating but I do like the convenience of having it can connect right away to my phone my music and if I want to go for a long ride out of state anywhere I could connect that right away to my phone and ABS good to go but there’s not a lot of complaints I’ve had it and it’s it’s been a wonderful it’s been great just a little cruise over there so we’ll get into the video so like I said the biggest inconvenience ice I’ve noticed and I apologize I have a new camera I’m trying I’ve been using a GoPro for the videos didn’t have zoom wasn’t really happy with quality so stole my wife’s camera that I bought her for a neurology or the news family the biggest problem I have with this if you notice in my last video the tak was here I had to remove that because obviously and you can see now – this is hitting let me see if I can get a bit that this is hitting here which credit ball as being it’s not hitting by that much if you lift this up string up a little bit that will go down and I just look I didn’t really push up too hard but it will – you push up not like

I do it’s good bother me but it will go down and these are magnetic magnet cereals it’ll stick down that’s one thing that does bother me I don’t think spending $1000 something like that that that should happen it’s not affecting me enough to return it I have reached out to the manufacturer I have not heard anything about it yet but how the man I love it I’m thinking it’s like  2006 gsxr 600 fairings I figure some way in here either make some sort of space or for something to make it go up and I might be able to work out but I’m gonna see how how it works out if I can do that or not with and without because the lock is on that side on my house could affect it but let’s get into it turn the bike on if you’re if you’re wired it directly the guy did it’ll turn on once you turn the bike on which is I love it’s a little chilly the bright early morning time is wrong I’ve never changed it back but this is the main screen you have come to you’ve come to try get in on this this is bear with me with this place nice dinner but this here is the Bluetooth button when you comes up this will come up this screen they connect your phone that’s where you got the hit and then you’re gonna come over here this little bucks could be a little Bluetooth button hit that it’s going to come up with your device name your pack unlock guys do them in on this and then the password and auto on for answer and then the auto off for uh connections which I want the connections I could care less about the calls I just left it on have to go back on home it’s already connect it it’s my phone if you can scroll over one water as a Bluetooth button I don’t apologize about how blurry it’s like they have different lands but they hit that button just thinking back a little more for you it doesn’t much matter because the Bluetooth button here that will come up tell us exactly what you’re already on this is what this was what comes on my your first in her bike go on normally for me because I just think that out to show you guys and then in order to show the I can just press play here on my phone now you barely hear it now but it’s obviously not that loud at all now but I should get it’s not like ten or eleven right now it’s I think great quality sound for what you pay for very happy with it again you can skip everything with this as

you go which is a very nice feature you can plug it into it connects right to your phone with you if you want if you have stuff stays on to the store through Apple with Google it’ll do that but I’m super happy with it so far like I there’s a couple things like that’s that thing with the tach it doesn’t irritate me a little bit but it’s not enough to make me go spend another thousand dollars for another farik or something from another company I just I’m just cheap I just don’t it’s gonna do the same job it’s gonna cause me a little inconvenient that flippin thing which I’ve when I’ve taken it to working rains I’m able to flip it right back down and then it is waterproof starting gonna worried about anything I currently do have stock exhaust on this I don’t have to crank it my ride I choose to just cuz I just like doing that but I still recommend it uh other than that you know you’re gonna lose your tag guys I have mine sitting over here on the shelf that I haven’t I have used you know but other than a turn single and neutral which again you have gauges on your bike tells you if you’re neutral sighs I don’t care about any of that but yeah guys  yamaha r6 fairings  I mean any questions feel free to reach out about it and like I subscribe I have planned doing more projects eventually I’m looking into an exhaust system I’m having trouble right now trying to figure out cuz I this is a carburetor model a stock fuel injectors so it’s not as simple as just getting the program or I’m going and got to do some stuff with the carburetor which is not a big deal but I’m not fighting are websites what

I have to change it to which I’m doing some research now and talk about some people before I make that commitment but I’m getting ready to rise it if you guys even want to see the winterizing project they were cited hi what steps you should take you know let me know and I’ll gladly make a video for you guys you know it’s a little die do stuff a little differently for the carburetor than I would feel injected but guys like we see let me know and apologize for the delay of this video which has been a hectic last couple months thank you guys

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