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There may be some motorcycle accessories you need: motorcycle fairings
hey guys what’s going on alright so we are back again I’m going to show you guys how we’re gonna put the fairing on it’s really not anything hard or overly difficult basically we have our windchill brackets here you have four bolt holes while two bolt holes on one side two on the other as I’ve probably showed you in the last video with those brackets that’s the windshield brackets so we had the brackets on the fairing it’s going to slide on so we’re gonna do that now we’ll put it on I already took the cover off and out of the three views that I’m gonna use hopefully you’ll be able to see decently out of one of them all right so now let’s grab the Ferren saw lapper on there and i put that little towel on there mainly because i don’t want to scratch the fairing up on a little yamaha symbol that’s there I didn’t I didn’t wire up the wire harness or anything yet but I’ll get to that alright so I have the bracket on here and the other side is lined up there right so that’s what that is gonna look like I’m gonna put a screw in just to catch it but while I do that take a look at this video where I show you there’s a gap in between the bracket and the fair and bracket why I’m not really sure this bike didn’t come with a windshield so I’m not 100% sure so check out that I’m going to show you that now alright guys so here we have the fairman mounted take a look at it from that angle there’s a little bit of a gap okay now I probably could tighten that up but it’s going to pinch the Ferren and I guess from this angle you can see a little bit better it’s gonna pinch the Ferren and I definitely don’t want that now as for the other side you can see how that one is the bottom is actually a little bit closer that bottom of the bracket is bent a little bit so that’s the reason why it’s like that but I think I’m gonna try tightening it just to see what actually how how it is or how it actually reacts but I just wanted to show you that so this is pretty much what the Ferren would look like here as you can see all right still working on a little bit of a fitment I’m a little picky so that’s kind of why I when I installed  r6 fairings
it I try to make sure all of these would be pretty much straight across the board but later on I kind of realized that you can just rotate them I kind of really didn’t need to do that but alright so yeah so I’m gonna look into this here and just see what it is that I can do with that I’m a little I don’t know I’m thinking to just get get a spacer and put in here that’s kind of what’s holding me up right now so I’m thinking to get a spacer and put in there and take up that gap and then tighten it down that way there’s no extra pressure on those fairing mounts you’re not bending the inner portion of the fairing you know what I mean so all right so I’m just gonna catch a bolt in on this side and I will catch the lower bolt um also on this side all right okay so we have those in now what I’m going to do I got these washers from Lowe’s of all places and I will show you that now they basically will fit inside of those bolts 5/16 inch washers hopefully Oh nope you can’t see that all right so that’s them here 5/16 inch watch it washers I got these even though it’s metric bolts but that’s what I got too to fit in there okay and I figure what I will do I will use four on this side because from what I measured the gap the gap was like point one seven eight and I figured that four washers would kind of take it up I went to Lowe’s I walked around in lols but I couldn’t find anything that I could custom up to make that gap so I figured you know what I’ll have to let the pickiness go and just deal with using those four washers now there is there is some space way that the Ferrum brackets are you have some space there so you can you can adjust the fairing up or down or left or right and that’s something that I guess I would finalize after the fact I do have I do have the auxiliary lights off and that was because I was working on a left bracket my left bracket is a little bit bent and I’m not sure if it’s gonna fit up a little better or what at this point but what I’m gonna do I’m gonna try I’m gonna try figure I’ll try let me see how four washers fits in there and four is a little tight so that’s what she said but let’s try three all righty we’ve got three just put that in so we I just want to catch this top bolt here oh yeah you got two men all right I just wanna catch that in the top bolt all right now fortunately I figured I was gonna put a lock washer on that I was gonna put a lock washer on this side or I was gonna put a washer on this side period oh my god let me just see how far this guru sticks out how much it goes in okay it goes in decently so I just need to put a washer on this side you know what let’s catch the this little set us up a little bit and we’ll catch the bottom one and let’s see how that does so right now I got three washers in there and as I go along I can always change it I can if need be I can add a washer in there I mean I don’t know how happy I am with that but it’ll have to do for right now kind of don’t have a whole lot of choice so alright let’s just catch that in there well alright alright I gotta let it go alright try and do this and okay alright in a way too so kind of let me know if I need to get a longer longer screw which I hope I don’t this really is not sounding kid-friendly right now alright pull that out and good actually caught him alright put one in there the plan actually was to use a lock washer and a washer but I’ll have to I’ll have to make do with this three washer method now I just have to make sure that three washers fits on the other side and then I can go from there of course now you know this isn’t final but for right now if the washers work out then I can live with that I’ll just put some Loctite on the bolts just so that  yamaha r1 fairings
they you know just to be sure that they they stay in place but I did want a washer off here because this bolt doesn’t if you look at the boat the boat doesn’t have a shoulder or anything like that so yeah that was that is the plan so you’re able to make up for this gap here that you can see by being able to lift or raise lift the rays of fair in whichever way it works for you all right so I’m gonna put the other side in and it will come right back alright guys so we have the faring on I do have the spaces on inside I’ll show you that in a second the clutch side is still a little bit tweetment so there you go you can see it’s got a little bit of a tweak I’ve got I’ve got three washers there on the top and I’ve got one washer on the front down on the bottom so I think it’ll be alright if I if I lock it in like that and the other side as you can see here so here’s the other side I have a three and three alright and then take you around I’ll show you the front so here you have the front with the speakers in right now the way it’s sitting it should be pretty even a little sonic kickstands also a little bit raised up but it’s sitting pretty even okay and that looks good that gap or on a headlight looks good now I really won’t finalize the position until after I have the cover on so obviously that’s gonna have to wait so now we can go ahead and we’ll put the stereo in speakers slight overhead view okay if you were sitting on a bike kind of what you would be looking at there somewhat so to say not really but somewhat you  2006 zx6r fairings

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