What are the bookstore hours?

Sunday – 8:30 AM – 9:15 AM and immediately after service
Wednesday – 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM  and immediately after Engage In The Word.

What are service times?

Sunday Worship Service – 9:30 AM
Wednesday Night Engage In The Word. – 7:00 pm
Saturday Worship Service – 9:15 AM
Corporate Prayer: Wednesday – 6:30 PM and Saturday Morning – 8:30 AM

What do I do if I need to have my baby dedicated or my child baptized?

Call the church at (912) 748-2969 or download the forms under contact us on the website.

Who do I contact for name or address change?

Contact the Membership Department by emailing:  info@theembassylife.com or you can call the church main office at (912) 748-2969

Does The Embassy Church have a youth ministry?

Yes, we have a Children’s Ministry (ages 4-12).

How can I find out more about the different ministries offered at The Embassy Church?

The first step is to complete your New Member’s Orientation Classes in order to begin the process

How do I become involved?

The first step is to complete your New Member’s Orientation Classes in order to begin the process

Is there a singles ministry?

Presently our Single’s Ministry is woven into our Women’s Heart to Heart Ministry coupled with Our Men’s Ministry component.

Does the Church offer marital/premarital coaching?

Yes, The Embassy Church offers premarital/marital coaching for members and nonmembers of the local community. For more information, please call (912) 748-2969

Who do I contact in case of a death?

Please contact the Church Office at (912) 748-2969.

In case I go to the hospital, who do I contact?

Please contact the  Church Office at (912) 748-2969.

What is the attire at The Embassy Church?

We offer a relaxed atmosphere that is not driven by what you wear.  The only requirement we have to be decent and in order as we come into the Holy Place.  Many are seen wearing slacks, jeans, dress shirts, polo style shirts, skirts, dresses, blouses, sport jackets, ties, sandals, tennis shoes, dress shoes etc.  Let your selection of dress always be pleasing to the eyes and to God; and not be a distraction to others.